XLP Surround Thin Heat Socks (Socks Only)

Hotronic XLP Surround Thin Heat Socks (Socks Only)

Model # 01-0100-349

The Heat Sock Set XLP Surround Thin Socks offers warmth, performance and longevity.  Soft Compression Surround Heating Elements heat the bottom and top of your toes.


80 % nylon, 20 % Lycra / Spandex
Reduced size and weight with increased capacity and longevity
Surround heating element covers top and bottom of toes
Gentle compression


S 4-6 M;  5-7 W
M 7-8 M;  8-9 W
L 9-11 M;  10-11 W
XL 11-12 M; 12-14 W