Discman Edger

Wintersteiger Discman Edger

Model # 55-100-641

The ultimate support tool for maintaining Ceramic Disc Finish edges between shop visits. With grinding disc, rechargeable battery, battery charger and tools for changing the disc; with battery charger 240 V / 18 V, The grinding tool for side-edge tuning of skis & snowboards.


Exact edge geometry with Ceramic Disc Finish-Technology
Easy handling
Easy side-angle adjustment from 85° to 90° in steps of 0.5°
Mobile use due to a powerful rechargeable battery
Easy changing of the discs
Charger included


Grinding Speed 16.000 rpm
Grinding Disc Ø 35 mm
Grinding Angle 85° – 90°
Battery 18 V = 2200 mAh
Weight 1.6 kg (3.5 lb)