Micro Dry Boot Dryer

Hotronic Micro Dry Boot Dryer

Model # 01-001-5205

We're all familiar with that dread of putting on cold, wet ski boots. Thanks to the Hotronic MICRO DRY, this is now a thing of the past! The handy boot and shoe dryer for the home and on the go dries ski and snowboard boots, winter boots, casual footwear, sneakers, and work boots gently and efficiently. Gentle drying means that the material is not damaged or even deformed. With its compact dimensions, this lightweight drying device can be placed in the smallest bag and can be conveniently taken anywhere. The MICRO DRY is extremely flexible. You can use it at home or in a hotel, when you're off out for a day of winter sports, or on the way to work: simply plug it in to the 12 V adapter in your car and preheat your boots.


Drying temperature that is gentle on the material to ensure a longer lifetime for your shoes and boots
Optimum heat circulation
Protection against overheating (max. 70 °C)


110 V plug
230 V plug
12 V car adapter