M6 Mantra Ski - 2024

Volkl M6 Mantra Ski - 2024

Model # V2310112

The Volkl Mantra M6 features our new key technology called Tailored Titanal Frame. In contrast to the previous design, the width of the titanal frame is now adapted exactly to each individual ski length. This results in Tailored Titanal Frames, which are positioned above the sidewall along the tip and tail area of the ski to provide the desired damping and torsional stiffness. The size of the frames is tailored to the skier's height, skiing ability and power. This means that longer ski models have a higher titanal content for more stiffness, more direct power transmission and stronger dampening. The shorter the length, the lower the titanal content, which makes the ski more agile, so that smaller, lighter and less powerful skiers can use the full potential performance of the ski. In addition to the Tailored Titanal Frames, a second, thinner titanal layer is located in the binding area, which gives the ski the necessary strength, but also agility. The result: the Tailored Titanal Frame technology provides an incomparable combination of agility and high speed control.



3D Radius Sidecut
Full Sidewall
Tailored Titanal Frame
Tailored Carbon Tips
P-Tex 2100 base


Sidecut: 135-96-119
Radius: 19.8m (177cm)
Lengths: 170, 184 cm 

We recommend: Marker Griffon; Tyrolia Attack 13; Rossignol SPX 12