XLP 2C BT Custom Boot Heater

Hotronic XLP 2C BT Custom Boot Heater

Model # 01-0100-400

New for the 2023/24 season, the Hotronic XLP 2C BT Custom kit delivers more heat and is more compact than the S4+. The new XLP 2C BT battery is more powerful and lasts longer - up to 24 hours! You’ll never have to cut a great day on the slopes short due to cold toes ever again.

The three constant heat power settings, and the fourth Power Boost setting, can be selected using the Power button on the battery packs or very conveniently with the Hotronic Heat app via a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.


XLP 2C BT Lithium Ion Batteries
Heat Elements
6000mAh capacity offers continuous heating power
Cambrelle® Cover
USB Load Plug XLP C


Li-Ion cells DO NOT have memory effect and DO NOT require fully discharging before fully recharging.
Setting 1- 84 - 98 F, 29 - 37 C, lasts 20-24 hrs
Setting 2- 107 - 121 F, 42 - 49 C, lasts 10-14 hrs
Setting 3- 122 - 138 F, 50 - 59 C, lasts 7-10.5 hrs
Setting 4- 158 - 173 F, 70 - 78 C, lasts 5-6.5 hrs