HERO Elite MT Ti Konect Skis

Rossignol HERO Elite MT Ti Konect Skis

Model # RRJ06LD

Designed for passionate racing fans and on-trail skiers, the Rossignol HERO ELITE MULTI-TURN Ti is an accessible yet solid, race-inspired on-trail ski. All-new Line Control Technology meets a 74mm waist width and versatile turn sidecut for optimized quickness, precision, and power. LCT eliminates counter-flexing for maximum stability and optimized trajectory for total line control.


Poplar wood core
LCT (Line Control Technology
Mini Cap Rectangular sidewall
Titanial Construction
On-Trail Rocker
Look SPX 15 Konnect Binding System


Sidecut:  123-74-109 
Radius:   159 - R 13m
              167 - R 14m
              175 - R 15m
Lengths: 159, 167, 175 cm