Retina Big Clarity Comp Julia Mancuso LTD

POC Retina Big Clarity Comp Julia Mancuso LTD

Model # 40533
Racer Pricing Available

The Retina Big Clarity Comp introduces a new level of optical performance. Clarity Comp lenses are designed to enhance contrast and vision for shorter, intense competition settings when nothing less than perfect sight will do. The Clarity Comp base tint is applied for sunny, partly sunny and overcast conditions.


Julia Mancuso Edition
Clarity Comp lens with base tint maximized for contrast and competition
Unique Spektris mirror coating
Designed for a large field of view
Adjustable ventilation - additional high density race vent included
Includes spare Clarity Comp lens for low light condition
Triple layer foam for comfort
Anti-fog treatment
Anti-scratch treatment


Frame: Julia Mancuso
Lens: Spektris Blue