RTM 84 UVO Skis 2018

Volkl RTM 84 UVO Skis 2018

Model # 7535R

With 3D.RIDGE construction, our WideRide XL binding system, extended Tip and Tail Rocker with camber underfoot, and UVO technology, the Volkl RTM 84 puts the skier in total control of the front side of the mountain. From hard snow to the occasional off-piste adventure, Völkl engineers have created the performance standard that advanced to expert skiers will feel and enjoy on every turn.


New 3D Glass
3D Ridge Construction
Powered by Steel
Full 3D Sidewalls
3D Ridge Core
Compatible with Grip Walk Boot Soles
IPT WR XL 12binding system


Radius: 17.9 (@177)
Sidecut: 131/84/112 (@177cm)
Sizes: 167cm