Hero 9 Race Helmet

Rossignol Hero 9 Race Helmet

Model # RKFH100

The Hero 9 FIS helmet is an ultra-lightweight, comfortable, and aerodynamic race helmet. The Hero 9 helmet features hard ear flaps, chinguard, and is FIS Approved. This Rossignol Hero 9 FIS helmet offers enhanced durability, thanks to the Hard Shell ABS tech while Air Flow ventilation channels provide constant circulation of air without the risk of cold spots or direct contact with head.  The Rossignol Hero 9 FIS helmet offers reduced volume keeping the helmet a slim, controlled weight while keeping the design compact, allowing the helmet to fit closer to the head, giving the racer an edge with an aerodynamic, racing performance.


ABS Hardshell/EPS
Airflow Channels
FIS Approved
Chin Bar Included